Give Me IPA Or Give Me Death – Stone Brewing

So, I had to try this… you know, because IPA.  This one clocks in at a solid 8% ABV with 75 IBUs.  This has a great flavor. The hops character is on the floral side of things.  Apparently, this is brewed with raspberries and blackberries (according to the bartender), but I personally don’t get the fruit notes to it.  There is a nice balance to it, so it’s not “punch-you-right-in-the-face” hoppy.  Maybe the sweetness from the fruit balances that out a little bit, but that’s speculation.  

This brew is definitely worth at least checking out. 

Tree Shaker – Odell Brewing Company

So I decided to crack a can of a beer I picked up on my trip to Chicago.  In case some of you didn’t know, some beers are only distributed in certain states/areas.  I live in Michigan where there is a ton of craft beer, but so much more of it is available elsewhere! Odell is located in Colorado, near New Belgium’s brewery, so I hear.  I’ve also been told you used to not be able to find their beer East of the Mississippi. I’m glad they came to Chi-Town.

Enter: Tree Shaker – Imperial Peach IPA

I personally haven’t had a single beer from Odell Brewing, and this one caught my eye.  An Imperial Peach IPA?!?  It was definitely something I had never had before.  I’m a little stuffy today, but I personally don’t get a ton of peach in the aroma.  I do get a touch of sweetness in the taste, however.  It doesn’t taste like those artificial/overpowering peach flavors you get in some teas.  The hops add a little citrus notes to it, which blend together splendidly with the sweetness of the peaches.  You do get a bit of a bitter finish, but not like you’d expect from an IPA.  This one could be dangerous.  Just from the taste, you wouldn’t think you’re drinking an 8% ABV beer.  I’m very pleased with this one!

I hope Odell makes all their beer this good (as well as comes to Michigan!)

5/5 ALL DAY.