Give Me IPA Or Give Me Death – Stone Brewing

So, I had to try this… you know, because IPA.  This one clocks in at a solid 8% ABV with 75 IBUs.  This has a great flavor. The hops character is on the floral side of things.  Apparently, this is brewed with raspberries and blackberries (according to the bartender), but I personally don’t get the fruit notes to it.  There is a nice balance to it, so it’s not “punch-you-right-in-the-face” hoppy.  Maybe the sweetness from the fruit balances that out a little bit, but that’s speculation.  

This brew is definitely worth at least checking out. 

Duet – Alpine Beer Company

I’m sitting here in local craft beer bar waiting for my coworker.

What is that I see? Duet from Alpine Beer Company!

Alpine makes great stuff.  It’s associated with Green Flash (not 100% sure if they’re actually owned by the same people) I’m yet to find a bad brew from these guys.  From Hoppy Birthday, to Nelson, and Then to what I’m currently drinking: Duet.

Pine hop notes, lingering bitter finish.  Nice malts to balance the bitter.

5/5 all day