2 Hearted – Bell’s Brewery

Does this one even need an introduction to most?  

This beer is the flagship brew from Bell’s available year round.  Oberon actually outsells it during the summer time, but 2 Hearted is still #1 in my humble opinion.  It’s 7-ish% ABV (I’m at the bar and don’t remember the exact ABV right now).  Had a great hop character that has pine notes, with a nice lingering finish.

Best IPA in Michigan. Although there is a double IPA I’ve been cruising for… I wonder if this brew will be dethroned…

Spring Gimlet – Ann Arbor Distilling Company

So I realize this page is mostly (or exclusively) about beer.  However, there’s a distilled in my city that is aptly named: The Ann Arbor Distilling Co. 

They honestly make some of the best spirits around.  Small batch, high quality.  Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have anything that compares to Pappy 20yr.  Their first batch of Boubon is coming next year, which is something I’m immensely excited for!  

They make various Gins throughout the year based on the seasonal ingredients available.  Their vodka is some of the smoothest I’ve had.  Additionally their coffee liquor makes a White Russian that The Dude would be proud of.  

I’m currently drinking the Sprint Gimlet.  Spring Gin (I’m not a huge fan of gin, but thought I’d give it the ol’ college try), with a cherry lime cordial over ice.  They put hibiscus in the cordial to give it a nice color.  

Thanks, Kentucky Derby!

I just want to send a quick thank you to the Kentucky Derby.  They made so much possible.  With such a rich, and storied history, it’s truly an amazing thing every year.

Actually, it’s because KBS from Founders was tapped for it, and is currently still on.  

Thanks Kentucky Derby. 

Amber – Alaskan Brewing

I’m sitting here, watching this lovely glass of amber ale slowly disappear.  

Alaskan Brewing is out of Juneau, Alaska, and they made some great stuff.  The amber is their go to beer. Malty, easy drinking, and great flavor.  

They also have a smoked porter that is phenomenal.  

Would definitely recommend this brewery to check out!

Horny Monk – Petoskey Brewing Company

I know I post a lot of Michigan beer on here… and there are a ton of great breweries elsewhere… but hey, drink local! Amiright?

Anyways, Petoskey Horny Monk is a good example of what Michigan has to offer in terms of Dubbels.  It’s almost 7% ABV and is super smooth.  Nice malty flavor, easy drinking.  Dark amber/red in color.  Relatively small head with little lacing. Would definitely drink one, but maybe not two.  A little heavy for summer, but a good offering.


Uinta Brewing has cometh!

So for anyone that’s in Michigan, you’ll start seeing this brand pop up around the state. Uinta Brewing has just launched in Michigan, and honestly, they has some phenomenal beers to choose from.  I’ve sampled 4 of them so far and I think this brewery is going to be here to stay.  The brewery is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This is the first I’ve had of anything from Utah, and I’m impressed.

One of my new summer beers is Lime Pils.  Sounds boring enough, right?  I’m sure most people have had Bud Light Lime, Labatt Lime, or something along those lines.  This is so much better than that.  It’s easily crushable at 5.3% and I killed my beer before I realized it.

Some other offerings to look for is their Hop Nosh IPA, Tangerine Hop Nosh IPA, and Baa Baa Black Lager.  I personally am a huge fan of the Tangerine Hop Nosh, and the Black Lager.

Has anyone else tried Uinta beers yet?

Mars – Bell’s Brewery


So, a little about the Planet Series from Bell’s Brewery.  It’s a series of beers whose name was inspired by the music of Gustav Holst.  I don’t know anything about the music, but my buddy who was a performance major kind of nerded out about it.  Anyways, the planet series has 7 beers in the lineup (No Earth… nor Pluto for you die-hard fans).  I personally have only had a few bottles of the Mars and Neptune, but am extremely excited for trying them all on this run through.

The beer: Mars is a double IPA.  It is copper to red in color.  Nice hop profile to it, but far from overwhelming.  I personally got some citrus and pine notes to it. I can’t comment on the aroma as much as I’d like, as my allergies are killing me. This is dangerously smooth for the 10.1% ABV is carries.

As with some a lot of double IPA’s I’ve tried, the extra malts in the brewing definitely balances the bitterness of the amount of hops in this beer.  According to the Bell’s website, there was 3.4 lbs of hops added to each barrel. You’d think that it’d be incredibly bitter, however, the malts needed to hit that 10.1% ABV has definitely mellowed it out.  I personally don’t go for doubles too often because that bitterness is what makes me love IPAs.

The brewery:  Bell’s is located in Kalamazoo, MI.  They remodeled the inside and added a ton of indoor seating somewhat recently (Last year, maybe?).  Every time I go down I-94 I try to stop in for lunch or a few brewskis.  They have a nice beer garden outside, with some tables and lounging chairs to enjoy on a nice day.  I’d recommend maybe some more seating outdoors for the busy summer days so it’s not so hard to find a seat sometimes.  They have a great menu available as far as food goes.  The store that’s attached has packaged beer, apparel, and a small selection of home brew supplies.

Find it, drink it.  Solid 4.5/5