Vat 33 IPA – CJ’s Brewing Company

So, I googled where a nearby brewery was to try a new one out.  This one came and I had heard about it before.  On that note: I do believe this is a secondary location.  I think their other one is in Commerce Township.  The pub I’m currently in is attached to the USA Hockey Arena here in Plymouth, MI.  The tap room is large, and fairly unpopulated tonight, and is somewhat hard to find.  

So, to be honest, I was hugely (Bigly?) disappointed in the tap selection.  This isn’t a true microbrewery.  It’s a gastropub.  Out of the 12 or so taps they had, only 4 were brews from themselves.  

So onto the one I tried first: Vat 33 IPA.  The beer was alright.  I can’t say it was really distinguishable from (insert any generic IPA here).  It was 7% ABV, and went down well.  For a full IPA, it was mild enough to have a number of them and not wear out your palette.  

If you’re a huge fan of craft beer, you’ll find some good Michigan and national crafts, but this ain’t the place to find that “wow” beer.


4 thoughts on “Vat 33 IPA – CJ’s Brewing Company

  1. If you haven’t tried it yet, check out Stony Lake Brewing Co. in Saline. We were there last night and my husband did a review of their session IPA which I desperately want to post but I did say that I was going to post a beer style guide first…..I may post it first anyway.


    1. I had no idea that one existed. I know they opened one last year or the year before called Salt Springs or something like that, which I haven’t been to yet either


      1. Salt Springs is pretty hipster, and the beer is okay. Most people in Saline prefer Stony’s beer, but Stony doesn’t serve food. You can order food in though. Nice atmosphere. Laid back with 60s to 70s rock playing. Owners are friendly and chat with everyone.
        Salt Springs, because it’s in an old church, is loud and you can hardly hear the company you’re with. I’d still recommend trying it out though.

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