Spring Gimlet – Ann Arbor Distilling Company

So I realize this page is mostly (or exclusively) about beer.  However, there’s a distilled in my city that is aptly named: The Ann Arbor Distilling Co. 

They honestly make some of the best spirits around.  Small batch, high quality.  Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have anything that compares to Pappy 20yr.  Their first batch of Boubon is coming next year, which is something I’m immensely excited for!  

They make various Gins throughout the year based on the seasonal ingredients available.  Their vodka is some of the smoothest I’ve had.  Additionally their coffee liquor makes a White Russian that The Dude would be proud of.  

I’m currently drinking the Sprint Gimlet.  Spring Gin (I’m not a huge fan of gin, but thought I’d give it the ol’ college try), with a cherry lime cordial over ice.  They put hibiscus in the cordial to give it a nice color.  

5 thoughts on “Spring Gimlet – Ann Arbor Distilling Company

      1. Right on! It’s a few blocks off of downtown. Easily walkable, but has a parking lot. Seriously, try the White Russian. Easily the best I’ve ever had!

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