Amber Ale – Dark Horse Brewing Co.

Dark Horse is located just South of downtown Marshall, MI.  it’s a small brewpub with Mug Club mugs hanging above the bar.  Random: they have a table that’s also a fish tank…  it’s actually pretty sweet.  The food is great and the beers can be hit or miss for me personally, but they’re definitely one of the favorites here in Michigan. Dark Horse Brewing Co. definitely makes some interesting beer sometimes.  Some good, some bad.  Double Crooked Tree is great, for example.

So, their Amber Ale.  The name itself is pretty non-threatening.  On the label it actually says Belgian Amber Ale, but I couldn’t find that one.  It’s you’re traditional amber ale, but brewed with a “Almost Belgian” strain of yeast.  It definitely gives you some of those flavors you’d get with a traditional Belgian Ale.  I found these quite delicious and drank 3 before I realized it.  Definitely an easy drinker (if you like Belgians). 5.5% ABV with 16 IBUs makes this one you can crush for a while.


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