KBS – Founders Brewing


Tonight I’m going to pop open a bottle of 2017 KBS by Founders Brewing.  Founders is one of those breweries that make a few phenomenal beers.  The rest?  It’s hard to find anything bad to say about them, really.  Everything they make is pretty solid.  I have had a couple odd ones they’ve put on in the tap room, but everything that gets packaged is a solid bet.  Founders is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It’s also one of the “top beer cities” in the US.  You can’t throw a rock without hitting a brewery there.

So, onto the beer.  The “Highly Acclaimed” Kentucky Breakfast Stout. This one is a once a year release, and cellars very well.  I know a number of people that save a few bottles each year and then do a vertical tasting.  I’m not that patient.  I actually am a huge fan of this beer, and I try to grab a few bottles each year.

This is brewed with coffee and chocolate, then aged in bourbon barrels.  You definitely get the bourbon and some chocolate in the nose when you first open it.  This beer is super smooth, with some lightly roasted and chocolate notes up front, and a distinct, but not overpowering bourbon flavored finish.  The ABV is 11.8%, and you can wholly start feeling it your second or third bottle in.



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