Eagle Eye P.A – Liberty Street Brewing Company

I’m sitting here checking out a local brewery: Liberty Street Brewing Company.  I visited once years ago, but haven’t been back in quite a while.  It’s kind of hard to find unless you’re looking for it.  It’s on a little one-way street outside of downtown Plymouth.  Unlike the numerous start ups, this one has been here a while.  Since they don’t have food, it’s just the beer and hard cider they make keeping them going.  The brewpub is nice and quiet during the week, and then I used to visit on the weekends, it becomes a popular place.  It is a small tasting/tap room, so it’s not too bad even when they’re busy.  The downside: I stopped in on my way to a restaurant to get food… a one stop shop woulda been nice, but that’s not the important part.

So, on to the beer I’m currently imbibing –  Eagle Eye P.A.  It’s a session IPA, with some nice pine (and maybe some floral) hop flavors with a subtle malt backbone that is far from overpowering.  I clocks in at 5% ABV, so it’s definitely one you could drinking a few rounds of.

I’d rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

Image from DrinkMichigan.org

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