Big Brewers in the Craft Scene


How many of you knew that Blue Moon is owned by MillerCoors? I assume not too many.  Which leads me to the point of this post. How do people feel about the buying of Craft Breweries by the big corporations make you feel?  There’s a great list of what breweries are owned by the larger ones from Men’s Journal, which I’ll link to below.

I personally have mixed feelings on the subject.  On one hand, having an influx of capital in order to expand, and potentially bring their products to new markets using existing infrastructure.  Also, alike with chain restaurants, the quality control is usually better, making a more consistent product.  That’s where my short thought into the positives end.

I can find many more negatives about why this isn’t necessarily a good thing.  They can manipulate markets making actual craft too costly.  A prime example I can think of is Shocktop (owned by ABI).  The cost of Shocktop compared to Blue Moon alone is asinine here in Michigan.  The same volume is something like 60% of what a Blue Moon keg wholesales for.  Unfortunately, I can’t recall the exact pricing on the barrels at this moment.  Yes, I realize that Blue Moon is also owned by a larger company. It’s just an easy example I could think of. While the quality and recognition gives beer a huge boost, many people choose the cheaper option if perceived to be the same style/quality.  A quote from the article I’m referencing “The passion is lost when the people running a brewery don’t have ownership, and then quality suffers.”

That’s all I’ll write on the subject for now.  Let me know what your opinions are!

Men’s Journal – 32 Surprising Corporate Brewers

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