Bat Flips Black Saison – Haymarket Brewery


This weekend I took a trip to Chicago.  Not only is the city a great time to see the sights, but it has an amazing offering of brews not available here in Michigan.  I brought a case of beer back of some, hopefully, amazing stuff I can’t get here.

One spot I stopped while downtown was Haymarket Brewery.  It’s close to downtown off the business loop (If I remember the districts correctly), about 30 minutes walk from Millennium Park.

I sampled a few brews while I was there.  All of the offerings I tried were middle of the road to me.  Not bad, but not astounding.  Although, they did all have some pretty interesting or amusing names.  The name of another one I tried was “Toby-Wan-Kenobi’s Dark Helmet Deliciousness”. I had to try it since I’m a Star Wars nerd (and not ashamed of it) Maybe I’m setting my standards too high nowadays for beer.  On the other hand, the food was delicious (try the pulled pork with the house made BBQ sauce).

ANYWAYS, so to the beer I’m writing about: Bat Flips Black Saison.  The name is a pretty apt descriptor of the beer.  Well, the black Saison part.  This beer had some of the notable flavor characteristics of a Saison.  The unique esters and some herbal-spicy flavors.  The malts they chose added a little roasted notes up front.  The thing about this beer is that none of the flavors were super pronounced.  It was a light bodied, dark-ish beer that made a half attempt at a Saison.  All the right things were there, I just wished there was more of it.

When it comes to Saisons/Farmhouse Ales,  I’m kind of picky.  I’ve worked for a brewpub that specialized in Belgian Sours.  It set the bar kind of high for most other beers brewed in similar styles/similar yeasts.

With all that in mind, I did enjoy the beer, and would probably have another given the opportunity.

3 Out Of 5 Stars.

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