Coconut Porter – Paw Paw Brewing Company


As this is my first post, I figured I’d just use something sitting around the house to start off with easy.

So, a little about this beer…

As the name suggests, it’s a Coconut Porter.  It’s easily imbibed at 5.6% ABV.  It has a nice chocolate flavor, with a very subtle coconut flavor.   When poured, it didn’t have much head retention, and the lacing was a little lax.  I find the coconut is more in the subtle taste, but not as much in the nose.  I found the aroma had more of a roasted/chocolate characteristic.

Overall, I can sit and enjoy one, maybe two of these before I feel like I’d get bored and want to move onto something a little more interesting.  It is something I wouldn’t mind keeping in the lineup in order to keep things fresh.

3.5 out of 5

I’d normally go on and give some more details, but as no one is actually viewing this page yet,  I just kinda wanted to get a post up and get the gears moving.

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