What are YOU drinking??!

So, I made this site in order to talk (and hopefully converse) with others about something everyone loves – BEER!  From industry news to various brews, I want to discuss and discover more about my second love.  I’m not just going to talk about craft (the reviews will be) because I LOVE BEER.  I drink anything from Coors Light to Dogfish Head 120 Minute.

Let’s talk beer!


A little time off…whoops

So, I know there’s not too many of you that check this out yet (growing more everyday!), but I realize I haven’t posted anything in a bit. I got a promotion at work, and honestly, it’s been taking up literally all of my time. I’ll get back to posting about beer soon (I definitely haven’t stopped drinking it)


Clementine Lemon-Thyme – Liberty Street Brewing Company

Deciding to stick to a beer brewed about 3 miles away from me, I went with Clementine Lemon-Thyme for this sampling (I do like a lot of beers these guys make). This one is a 5.5% ABV Pale Wheat Ale.  It’s super easy drinking, and paired well with the Korean BBQ tacos I got with it. It has a nice, yet subtle, citrus character to it.  Combining the citrus and wheat notes are great!


Windows Up – Alpine Beer Company

So as I’m waiting for this beer dinner I was invited to, I decided to sample another offering from Green Flash/Alpine.

This one is a west coast IPA, and clocks in at 7% ABV.  You get a great floral hop character with subtle citrus.

I honestly love Alpine.  Nelson, Duet, Hoppy Birthday… they’re all fabulous.  I can add Windows Up to that list.


Give Me IPA Or Give Me Death – Stone Brewing

So, I had to try this… you know, because IPA.  This one clocks in at a solid 8% ABV with 75 IBUs.  This has a great flavor. The hops character is on the floral side of things.  Apparently, this is brewed with raspberries and blackberries (according to the bartender), but I personally don’t get the fruit notes to it.  There is a nice balance to it, so it’s not “punch-you-right-in-the-face” hoppy.  Maybe the sweetness from the fruit balances that out a little bit, but that’s speculation.  

This brew is definitely worth at least checking out. 

Yum Yum – 3 Floyds Brewing Co.

This is one my buddy gave me after he ran down that way.  It’s one I had never tried before, so I was interested if it lived up to its name.

It does…ish.  So this pale ale has a good hop profile, but I personally think the malt backbone is a little too much on this.  Now, I’m not one for the malt forward beers, typically. I can, however, appreciate this one.  It’s 5.5% ABV with 55 IBUs.  While present, I don’t get the bitterness you’d expect with that sort of IBU.

Overall, while it’s not my favorite beer they brew, I can sit and enjoy a few.


Baba Black Lager – Uinta Brewing

This is one of the new offerings available here in Michigan.  Baba Black Lager is currently organic, but according to the sales rep, the volume they need to produce is too high to keep strictly organic ingredients.  This beer is 4% ABV and 32 IBUs.  Light enough alcohol to enjoy a 6 pack in an afternoon.  It’s dark colored, with a nice roasted nose.  It’s super light bodied and quite quaffable! Check this one out when you see it!


As they say on the can:

 “Forget the map, pack the Uinta”

Rubrique-a-brac – Whiner Beer Co

So, this is another brew I picked up while in Chicago.  I honestly know nothing about this brewery, but the can caught my eye while I was picking a six pack.  

Quick note: THIS CAN EXPLODED WHEN I OPENED IT.  Had a little carpet cleaning before I could enjoy it.

This brew is a  Biere De Garde, typically they also have a Bret strain which gives it a little funk/light sour or tartness.  This is a light bodied beer.  6% ABV.  I actually enjoyed this one.  The mess wasn’t appreciated, but either way the beer had great flavor and would drink it again.